Our Facilities

  • Nursing
  • Attendant
  • physiotherapist
  • Doctor’s Visit
  • Structured dailly activities
  • Friendly Infrastructure
  • In- House kitchen


Nursing At following nursing facilities are provided:

  • Wound dressing
  • Naso gastric tube feeding
  • Blood sugar check
  • Urinary catheter care
  • Bed sore management
  • Foley`s Catheterization
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Medicine follow ups
  • Insulin administration
  • First aid


The common point of contact in all the residential routines and activities of daily living will be our attendants. Our trained in-house attendants are responsible for basic hygiene and sanitation.

Our attendants will provide following care:

  • In-house care
  • Brushing and denture care for patients who are terminally ill
  • Bathing
  • Diaper Changing and grooming
  • Assistance with oral medications and feeding
  • Assistance with commode, bedpan & urinal
  • Repositioning in bed to prevent bed sores


For elderly citizens, exercising may be the key for bringing back and sustaining the physical function required in daily living.

Exercise programs set by a physiotherapist can help in reducing body pain, enhancing the movement of joints, facilitating coordination, and boosting respiratory function.

Exercising on regular basis can also help to reduce the risk and impact of illnesses that are more likely to affect older people. In this blog, we will discuss the various conditions suffered by elderly people who require physiotherapy.


Doctor's Visit

A team of experienced physicians visits Satyak on a need basis for routine medical conditions. These medical experts supervise: Follow-ups of patients discharged from hospitals, General physical assessments, Psychological assessment and counselling.

Dr. Ninad Baste visits Kartvya old Age  on all working days and supervises the health of the residents. He provides treatment for dementia and psychological illnesses.

Structured Dailly activities

The daily routine at Kartvya old age Home  is structured to include engaging activities that promote physical and mental well-being for its residents. It includes group activities, drawing, painting, and physiotherapy.

Routines lower stress and anxiety. Routines are comforting and calming, eliminating the need to wonder and worry about what’s going to happen next, who will be there to assist, and how to make certain that everything is going to be taken care of.

Routines improve sleep. Studies have shown that sticking with a daily routine aids in sleep quality in addition to the ability to fall asleep and remain asleep.

Frendly Infrastructure

Kartvya Old Age  offers a comfortable stay and pleasant living conditions that contributes to optimal clinical outcome. The homely environment at Satyak facilities recuperation, well-being and health.

We have facilities which ensure the safety of residents. Rooms are clean, spacious and well equipped with modern facilities. Friendly care givers, compatible furniture, cleanliness, homely cooked meals, laundry facilities are key features of Satyak.

In- House kitchen

Ageing is a process, which is associated with a lot of free radical release in the body. It is also called as oxidation of cells. Weak muscles, greying and falling of hair, reduced skin tone, susceptibility to colds and coughs and lack of energy are symptoms of oxidation. Vitamins like vitamin E, C, A and some minerals are essential in right quantities to reduce the ill-effects of free radicals in the body.

At times, food becomes very important during old age as that is the time when you can spend some time with the rest of the members of the family. Women especially should be very careful about their diet in old age.

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