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Kartavya Old Age Home  an initiative by a dynamic group of women to help elders in dealing with old age and age related challenges. Foundation helps senior citizen live independent and dignified life by providing them the basic needs everyone deserves today. 

Kartavya Old Age Home specializes in Assisted Living care and Dementia care.  

Kartavya Old Age Home Centre is a home for the elderly away from home with all the necessary facilities available 24×7 under one roof. Our staff at ” Kartavya Old Age Home” is well qualified and takes care of all the elders with love and care. The rooms and the environment at Kartavya Old Age Homes Centre is calm and quiet making it very elder friendly. 

Dementia Care

Dementia is not a specific disease but is rather a general term for the impaired ability to remember

Assisted Living Care

Assisted Living Facilities Are Designed For Older Adults Who Are Able To Remain Independent And Active

Geriatric Care

We provide Retirement Homes Integrates Health Care & Psychological Care With Other Needed Services

Paralytic Care

Our caregivers will assist in maintaining the personal hygiene and body functioning of the patient.


Personal Attention

On-Call Doctor Visit

Individual Beds

Food and Beverages


Nursing Care

Familiar Environment

Our Quality Services

Senior Independent Living

Situated in a Pleasant Residential area, we have Designed our Homes to Enable the Seniors to Live Independent, Enriched Lives with Comfort

Senior Assisted Living

Assessing and Addressing the Unique and Special needs of each Resident forms the Core of Kartavya Old age Homes

Geriatrics & Nursing Care

Our professional Panel of Doctors is equipped to identify and provide round-the-clock nursing support to our Residents as per their needs.

Delicious Food

Residents can enjoy Four Delicious, well-balanced meals a day to support their Nutritional Requirements as well as satisfy their taste buds

Regular Health Monitoring

The physical well being of each resident is at the core of our care home. Therefore, regularly monitoring their basic health parameters, keeping a record of it and updating the same to close relatives is very important to us.

Routine Medical Support

A Well-Trained Team of Doctors, Nurses and Care Givers is Available On -Site 24*7 to Address the Daily Medication Management and Basic Health Needs of our Residents.


With an infrastructure that supports recreational activities like table tennis, carom boards, chess, reading library and options of several other Activities each day, Life is eventful at Kartavya Homes !

Personal Concierge

Our trusted Professional Aides can help them to perform some important but difficult tasks like filling in the bank slips, running an errand, reading or replying to important emails, and more.

Kartavya Old Age Homes Pune | Old Age Homes in Maharashtra

Kartavya Old age homes is a Pune based old age care home. Kartvya Homes journey began from 2020. We are located In One Of Premium Locality In Baner pune equipped with all modern necessities attached with an hospitals back up by ONP Hospitals. Kartvya Old Home is an 50 bed capacity old age home.

Facilities At Kartavya Old Age Home

At Kartavya Old Age Assisted Living we provide Nursing facility, Attendants for help, Physiotherapist for physical activities, Doctor’s visit and checkup, Structured daily activities as a routine, Friendly infrastructure for living and cooked food in our In-house kitchen.

Continuous care is provided to adults and patients who need help with basic daily activities like bathing, getting dressed, managing medications, etc

A loved one with dementia will need support as the disease gets worse. We can help by trying to understand how the person with dementia perceives their world.

Early palliative care not only improves quality of life for patients but also reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and use of health-care services.

Happy Clients

Seeking mental health services can feel isolating. Often, the idea of therapy comes with negative connotations from society. However, mental health care is something that everyone can benefit from, both reactively and proactively. 

It is a very friendly and wonderful place i ever seen in my life. They have so many activities everyday for all people. Excellent facilities for senior citizens with all amenities and medical support. Amit and Namita, who are owner of this home . They are very helpful and co-operative. The staff is also helpful and co-operative. Best wishes ahead.
Prasad Mule
We mistakenly look for God in temples or idols. But truly God is seen in these people. What is the greatest joy in life, bringing a smile to someone's face? And Amit sir you are doing the same. There are no real words to appreciate your work. And thank you so much for giving us the opportunity your family gave us
Akshay m
One of the best old age home I even seen. Ambience good. The staff are helpful and have smiles on the faces. The way it structured seems delightful and one can stay peaceful life in old age home. Kindly visit the place. They treat all of them equally. Recently started but still compare to others , I would say it would be more peaceful to stay. If you will check the photo gallery, you will get to know how many happy faces we have.
sonali waghmare

Assisted Living Care

Dementia Care

Geriatric Care

Paralytic Care

Post Operative Care

Hospice Care

Personal Attention

On-Call Doctor

Healthy Meals

Individual Beds

Open Garden Space

Clean Environment

Sr.No.132/1,Pl.67,Baner Pashan Link Road, Deepa Housing Society In The Lane Of Vaidehi Vista, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411021

Mobile – 932-626-2627

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Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to hear from you! Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say hello, we are here to assist you. You Can Call Us - 932-626-2627
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Thank you for visiting our website. We would love to hear from you! Whether you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to say hello, we are here to assist you. You Can Call Us - 932-626-2627